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INSOAR S.L. is an independent trading company.


If your company is going to purchase alfalfa, we will be able to help you find the kind of product you need. Spain is the main producer of alfalfa in Europe.


We can offer you different services: purchasing advice, logistical advice and quality control advice.


The purchasing advice service incluyes searching for the type of alfalfa, rye-grass, fescue and cereal straw ( bales or pellets, long or short stem, protein, colour, percentage of grass, etc. ). We will show the different qualities, prices and sellers. We would also go with you to visit the different producers and help you purchase the products you need.


The logistical service will permit you to coordinate the loading of containers and find the best price FOB or CIF.


 If you are going to purchase alfalfa or other product in Spain, we could be your partner.

Nous pouvons vous offrir aussi le prix franco :

** Chaux vive, 95% CaO, 3-8mm, BB600kg 

** Chaux vive, 95% CaO, 0,1-3mm, BB600kg

** Chaux vive magnésienne, 55/32 CaOMgO, BB600kg

** Chaux vive magnésienne, 55/32 CaOMgO, BB600kg



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